My Velvet-Weaving Primer

This introduction to velvet-weaving on 4-shaft looms is designed to teach the main types of velvet and the basic principles of velvet-weaving for contemporary weavers. These principles can be extended to working with looms on more than 4 shafts. The instruction provides affordable and accessible options to accommodate a variety of studio situations.

Contents include:

  • a discussion of velvet properties and basic types: solid, voided, ciselé, pile-on-pile, and polychrome
  • basic structural weaving drafts
  • discussion of designing for velvet projects
  • options and tips for setting up and handling the velvet pile warp
  • a description of necessary tools or equipment
  • technical tips for weaving
  • detailed specifications for a basic single pile warp project
  • instructions for polychrome (2-pile warp) projects

A .pdf file or epub file of the primer can be requested through the contact e-mail of this website at a cost of $35.00 CND or $30.00 USD. The file will be sent when payment is confirmed. Instructions for payment via e-transfer (EMT) or PayPal will be provided when the request is made.

En preparation, une traduction française: Mon apprêt pour tissage du velours.

Posted September 16, 2021 by Veloutiere

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